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  • When I export my app through Ludei, it requires all sorts of permissions to be agreed to. However, if I export my app through Intel, I only need 1-2.

    Anyone know how to remove certain things from Cocoon?

    I don't need to know the location of people who download my app!

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  • This is one of the things I'm also planning to look into over the weekend. All I know is that you need to edit the AndroidManifest.xml - but I've been unable to find an xml viewer/editor that works on my laptop and which I don't have to buy. I too would be interested if there's any advice out there to save me from spending hours on google.

  • You need to decompile the APK and then re compile it. I believe APKTools can do it, but I have never tried.

    Just be careful as to what permissions you remove. Some may be required by their extensions. Location may be required for AdMob ad service since many ad services do try to geolocate the user to give them the best ads.

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