How do I get 'car' behaviour to travel > 560km/h (capped)

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  • For some reason the car behaviour speed won't got above 560km/h (converted from mph)

    Something is capping off the speed for some reason, even though the max speed = 10000.

    Any ideas? (can't post the capx for sensitive data reasons)

    Cheers, Liam

  • I just tested it here and there is no issues going to a max speed of 10000. The speeds are in pixels per second btw.

  • Does this happen if you delete your car and create a new one?

    If so then it will be something in your program that is preventing it from going above 560KM/H

    If the cap for the new car is able to go above 560KM/H then it is an issue with the event.

    Hope that helps.


  • So odd, as I've set default options AND in the code for vehicle move I've even tried setting the max speed, but visual text feedback says speed as 350 / 350 (before conversion)... no code that I can see that resets it thanks for the suggestions. The 'car' example works fine. strange one!

  • Ok mini breakthrough, setting deceleration lower has fixed the max speed, so it now says 350 / 10000 but something is still capping it off or restricting it.

  • Still no fix. A fellow coder asked if there was an issue regarding mass and drag reaching terminal velocity. Gonna sit and scour my code today.

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    Found the culprit, deep within the code.... decided I would optimise the code to increase the overall frame rate and stumbled on the culprit amongst some code designed to prevent vehicles from during an emp blast!

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Oh yey good job

    Even bigger win for optimising your system

    Good luck with your game!

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