How do I make bullets and platforms ignore solids?

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  • I'm trying to make an enemy of mine go simply left/right towards the player, but bullet/8 directional movement both make it so they can't pass through solids. Also, since my enemy is part of the Enemy family (which has all the enemy variables like states, health, and knockback) their knockback behavior uses the platform behavior which interacts with solids. I tried using simply "Move Forward" which isn't tied to any behaviors, but for some reason it wouldnt work when I disabled the knockback/platform behavior. Is there any way to ignore solids using these behaviors?

  • Bullet behavior has a parameter "Bounce off solids" which you can set to No, that should make it ignore solids.

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  • IS there any way to disable it on the platform behavior? I use it on the Enemy family for knockback, and I think that's whats causing it to stay solid. Disabling it doesn't seem to help

  • Does the bullet have events that test for collisions with a family of solids in some way? That would make it react to objects even if its parameter is off.

    I don't believe Platform behavior has a similar parameter unfortunately. Don't have C2 open in front of me to check though.

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