How do I make a bullet sprite spin as its moving?

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  • and were you able to download "axe test 4" from above ? (I ask because the download count was showing "0" and I am not sure if people below a certain rep can download ?)

    here is a copy of the "code" - (the pivot-point and the axe are in a container so create one and you get the other)


    (and here it is running)

  • RamPackWobble: Doh! I have no idea how I missed your posting the first time. I didn't even see it until you posted your follow-up message. I am definitely going to download it later when I get home so I can take a closer look at it. For example, I'm still not sure what the 'mirrored' thingy does and the "90 and 270 degree" distinctions confuse me. Is there perhaps a chart somewhere that displays the different degrees? For example, if I want a graphic to go from the bottom of the screen to the top, I sit there and say, "Is that 90 degrees? 180 degrees???"

    Also, I have to ask, what is a good way for a novice like me to become better with C2? I could have sat there forever and starred at the screen and I NEVER would have figured out the 'pin' feature that you guys are using. Geesh.. I was sitting there with animated .gifs because I was so desperate.

    I did look at the manual but that is a quick summary and definitely not good for a novice like me. I also floated around on youtube and pretty much watched all the tutorials I could find. I prefer video tutorials better. Some of the tutorials were really good, but others confused the heck out of me. For example, there was a tutorial about a card matching game. Well, the tutorial spent sooooooo much time using math just to figure out the right number of cards to display on the screen that I gave up... and never made it to the actual tutorial. I used less math throughout my education than this person used in this tutorial just to display the right number of cards.

    I similarly looked at the samples in c2.. such as the 'angry birds' clone example... but I just don't get how the mouse mechanism works in the game -- where you launch the stuff to the right...

    So if you have any recommendations about a good way for a novice, make that a sloooooooooooooooow learning novice like me, to learn C2, that would be great.. I've got some of the basic stuff down (i.e. making breakout, pong, asteroids, flappy bird) thanks to some GREAT tutorials on this website... but I'm not sure where to go from here.. again.. I NEVER would have figured out the 'pin' solution.. so perhaps there are more tutorial resources available that I'm not seeing? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again for everyone's help. Really is appreciated.

  • Doh! I thought I was going NUTS because I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to create the spinning effect from scratch... I could NOT get it to work... this is what I did:

    System -- EVERY TICK -- axe -- pin pin to sprite <-- this did NOT work

    Instead, out of desperation since the above didn't work, I had to change it to:

    Start of layout -- axe -- pin pin to sprite <-- this worked.

    How come the pin doesn't work for every tick? Just curious... because now I'm stuck using 'on start of layout' and so now I'm forced to re-do the 'pin pin to sprite' every time the sprite dies and is thereafter spawned again. What am I missing?

    PS: Here is a video on youtube. this shows that it SHOULD work with every tick.. but it didn't work for me and I watched this video a gazillion times:

    https: //

  • 0 degrees is right (ie going left to right across the screen)

    put another way if your player is in the middle of a standard clock face 0 degrees is 3 o'clock, 90degrees is 6 o'clock, 180 degress 9 o.clock and 270 degrees is 12 o'clock.

    mirrored flips your graphic left to right.

    so in my example 4 (which you still do not appear to have downloaded ?) I say is the angle the "axe" is travelling between 90 and 270 degrees (ie going left) then flip the graphic left to right and start it rotating anticlockwise.

    you only pin once - then the pinned sprite will move with what ever it is pinned to. Normally this is done when you create the sprites - if the graphics are already on the screen at the start of the game then use on start of layout.

    I am learning C2 by picking out small parts of games and working out how to do them - How to move a player to follow the mouse ? How to make the player fire when he is in a certain area only ? how to change the graphics from facing left when my player is moving right ? Just small parts that could be used to make up a whole game. Read though the beginners tutorials (Ashleys especially) and try to understand why they work - please don't just load in the capx or "type in the code" but read the blurb and most of it will be explained.

    You will not understand everything at once - I learn something new, or at least reinforce some understanding, nearly every day and that is after a year of using C2 several times a week.

    Try to avoid every tick for anything unless it is absolutely needed to be done 60 times a second.

    Maths is important.

    Not looked at your video link yet.

    Good luck.

  • RamPackWobble: Thanks VERY much for your patience and in answering even more of my questions. That certainly helped a LOT. In fact, the ONLY way I could put my brain around the concept of 0 degrees being on the right is to write down your great example of a clock.

    Here is a crappy little diagram I made. Perhaps it will help other novices like me to understand where the heck the stuff is on the screen. If somebody said '720 degrees', I wouldn't have a clue where that is on the screen.

    I will certainly keep fiddling with Construct 2... so thanks in advance for your ongoing help. Very much appreciated.

  • 12 o'clock should be 270 degree and 360 is back at 3 o'clock (where you have 450 it should be 225)

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  • RamPackWobble: Tooooooooooo funny. And NOW you see how much of a novice I am, how bad I am at math, and how confusing I find these friggin' degrees.

    I updated my brilliant chart -- since I'm obviously clueless on the issue.... I THINK I got it right this time. If I goofed again, just let me know.. I did check online for clipart having a similar chart -- I figured it MUST be common... but oddly enough, I didn't find one that matched.. most of the charts I see online have the '90' at 12 o'clock. I dunno why... but whatever.. whatever make C2 happy is what I will use.

    Thanks again.

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