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  • Hey Guys!

    Is it basically possible to choose only a few layouts to build for my app/html5 game? Or do i have to make differend versions and delete all not nessessary layouts?

    iam asking, because i have to build the whole project for the app, but for the website i need only specific games or menues, so i have to split them. It would be great if i could choose which layouts have to be buildet with their assets to reduce memory for not needed assets and ingame files.

    Some ideas? Or do i have to start to get everything out of the project?


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  • as long as i experimented with C2 i don't think there is a way to do this automatically. You need to delete the unneeded layouts and files, because it will still be there in the build and this will increase the download size , but i don't think it affects the RAM or CPU as long as it is not loaded.

  • warville Thx

    I could not found any other solution so i guess you have to get everything out by hand.....its a little bit time consuming but at least no problem...

    Have a nice!

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