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  • Hello !

    (I am frensh, sorry for my english)

    I have to create a game of platform multiplayer, except that when 2 players connect they have all 2 same fields of vision: / I put well in Behaviors " Scroll To ". How is that every player has his own "Scroll To" ?

    Thank you !

  • Suggestion: by default, have "scroll to" disabled.

    For host:

    when host is created (host group, generally triggered once), enable scroll to

    For peer:

    When peer is created (peer group/events) and peer.peerid = MultiplayerMyID, enable scroll to

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  • I did not still succeed, I give you an example of my game(set,play). My problem is always the same when a player moves the other one has to go towards him to stay in fields of vision, I would like that every character can have own sound fields of vision:/

    My example: Sorrry for my english ^^

    EDIT: I finally managed to correct my bug! ^^

    Source of my help:

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