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  • Hi guys...

    question 1)

    does a game have the same velocity/frame rate if exported for windows desktop or if it is a browser game ???

    question 2 )

    Today I tried a game on my pc (browser game)...and it was fine...on a laptop ( same browser game) U could see it was suffering 4 frame rate.... is it because maybe the laptop is a bad computer ????


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  • 1) You can think of Node-webkit as the Chrome browser minus the address bar because in reality, that's what it is. But since it isn't busy doing anything other than running your game it should be faster. In my experience there's quite a bit of performance difference but I have like 20 tabs open in my browser at any time so that doesn't necessarily count for much

    2) What kind of laptop? Are the drivers up to date? WebGL seems much more likely than OpenGL to take a performance dive if the drivers aren't fresh.

  • thanks

    i did not really understand the Node-webkit thing....

    Uh it was in the office ...but the laptop is 5-6 years old...I think beacause it is not updated at all....

  • Node-Webkit = Windows/Mac/Linux export solution for Construct 2. When Construct 2 exports your game to desktop, it uses Node-Webkit to create the executables. To a regular user your game will appear as just another exe file but under the hood it's using the Chrome browser engine to run things. Hope that clarifies a bit

  • yes thanks alot

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