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  • I have the browser as Chrome in the properties tab. Event sheet: Start of layout->Make sprite visible (initial invisible) Event-> when sprite visible Action->Browser ->Go to URL "I type in a simple URL like ""

    It will not work, any ideas? Thank you

  • I fixed the issue but now how do I return to Construct 2 (my game) after visiting the web page? Thanks

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  • If you called the webpage by making a javascript call

    Then You should be able to "Close" The Browser by calling that function with the Browser object that calls the function in your event sheet either on a timer or simply by minimizing the browser window..


    Security limitations sometimes prevent browser actions. For example, the window Close action can only be used when the window was created by a javascript call.

    Not sure if thats what you mean...

  • Thank you, I will work more on this. I tried the timer and close browser but it did not go back to my game (still experimenting). I did find a temporary solution, I embedded HTML code on my webpage that when clicked will bring me back to the previous browser page (my game). But still trying to find a cleaner way.

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