How do I ball game

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  • GeometriX you are right I am sorry for overreaction but, if I did not would you have given a good definition. This prove that GeometriX people like you do understand what we are trying to do on this forum. Thanks and if I am rude sorry but, so be it.

  • Hah, I guess you're right. May peace and harmony reign

  • Yes to that dear friend GeometriX

  • Thanks for the explanation geometrix I guess im use to people saying show me some code and not Actually asking me to send files over the computer but u explained pretty well and detailed . And when I actually made that comment I was addressing that to the person who actually mentioned for me to send my capx file to explain more but im glad u stepped in and broke it down. I just come from gamemaker and had never been asked to send files over just was curious and its not like I know anyone on here personally too just know what people will and wont do out the top of my head so thatd where the simple question came in but once again Thanks for the explanation

  • lilvee1989 no harm done. I am sorry I was hard on you. You are most welcome in this Scirra forum

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  • Okay Apology accepted

  • lilvee1989 if you feel insecure, you can always put screenshot of your event or something. Vague question will always get vague response, however precise question will get either vague or precise answer, so go for the latter . The more specific you ask the better, that's why people will ask for capx, MINIMAL, not the full game.

    This works similarly like a bug report though, narrow down the events you have problem with and upload the capx. Btw, problems with minimal capx attached always get good attention from the community.

    On topic: probably like this? I'm just assuming what I think you wanted. You can use physic, but I think at your level, it is probably best to understand solid and bullet first. Deal with physic later when you have a good grasp of C2. Look around the behavior and instance variable I setup,try to make it elegant as your "homework".

    Note: what you wanted from 1st post is z-ordering.

  • im getting somewhere now im just stuck on collisions it seem like when i have the ball shoot down vertically towards the rim the rim destroys too early when i use the on collision with object event. you would think it would wait until it go inside the rim and then destroy it but thats not the case it does the event before it gets too it

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