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  • Let me explain:

    Since Construct 2 has a tendency to randomly crash:

    I made sure my auto save was on, it auto saves every 20 minutes.

    I had NOT previously saved this project, so there wasn't a directory for that autosave file to go to.

    But during the span of this 5 hour dev time;

    It had auto saved at least three or more times, or at least, that's how many times I saw it do so, I was to focused on my work to realize how many times it did it exactly.

    So here are two questions I need answers to:

    1.) Where do autosave files go if there are no directories made previously for the auto save file to go?

    2.) What is the easiest way to find a autosave file?

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  • Actually, autosave file is saved on your current capx directory. Have you check if it's there ?

  • That's the problem, there *isn't* a directory set to autosave, but it did so multiple times without leaving any files behind.

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