How do I auto detect unlocked characters

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  • Hi all,

    Im using unlockable characters in my game and my question is - what is the best way to auto recognize what type of character i have and then display the appropriate sprite with animations? I have a group which activates another playable sprite. But since i plan to have more characters, i dont want to have 10-15 groups where the only change is the sprite. Is there another way of doing this?

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  • I would recommend following at these two tutorials and combining what you learned.

    tutorials/490/choosing-a-character-in-a-game - as the title states this would be for character select.

    tutorials/1234/level-selection (You can mute the music as he doesn't talk)

    This one is for locking/unlocking/showing completed levels, which should give you a simple idea as to how to lock/unlock characters.

    I'm not yet able to post full links here yet, so you would have to copy paste them at the end of

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