Auto accelerate, or gravity point.

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  • I'm having problems with this game I want to build.

    The game will have few levels ''like 30 maybe'', Its about a car which you have to drive it, escape holes and traps and go to the finish line.

    I'm trying to make the car move automatically, so you don't have to click a button for gas or start. So the car will move itself, while the player just have to steer the wheel with arrow keys, ''done that already''.

    Here is a picture explaining my problem.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Now I'm thinking of making a gravity point at the finish so the car will somehow accelerate to that point, or is there some other way of doing this effect, I'm new to Construct 2 and your help will be really appreciated.


  • Tou could just use the car behaviour and set speed and acceleration. Use custom controls and set it so that the player can only use left or right.

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  • Found a way to make it work, thanks for the tips!

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