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  • lolpaca

    thanks alot bro ! this problem had me in a slump for quite some time !

    BTW do you know how to set a reload function for the player so that the player cant spam the spacebar to keep firing non stop ? I just cant get it to work. Thanks!

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  • Add a Boolean ("Reloading" or something). Then, in your player shooting event, add the condition "Player is not Reloading". In the actions for that event, set Reloading to True at the top, then at the bottom add "Wait 5 seconds" (or whatever) and Set Reloading to False. Actions trigger in order from top to bottom so that should work

  • yeah i managed to make the reload work with something similar with your advise. Just that sometimes if pressing the space bar fast enough it is still able to fire twice instead of once.

    Im wondering if its a bug? I got 2 different save files of the capx but i didnt change any of the code. In 1 of the capx my events is able to get the aircraft to drop like a stone after getting hit while the other capx the aircraft just get destroyed. I checked the events and i didnt change anything. Is it a bug ?

  • I don't think it's a bug in Construct, if that's what you mean... it's almost certainly something in your events, just check and recheck them and you'll find it. It might help to read up on events and stuff and make sure you're understanding what all your conditions and whatnot are doing. ... t-features

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