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  • Hello!

    I'm making classic space shooter game for my first game project (spacerocket has to shoot and avoid planets/ meteorites which are spawning outside the layout and coming towards spacerocket). I added bullet behavior for my planets and meteorites. But when I tried to add rotate behavior for them, they started to rotate in circles and that isn't what I'm looking for. How can I make them to spin around themselves and still act like a bullet (come straight towards to spacerocket)?


  • Change the "set angle" bullet property to "no".

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  • Now they are spinning but there is problem; those planets/ meteorites which are spawning on top of the layout or on the bottom don't set their moving angle right (to be honest, they all move a little bit funny). They don't come towards the spacerocket (which is moving on center of image), they are just passing horizontally the game layout borders. Spawning points are just outside of the game layout.

    http:// postimg.org/image/ xccqzl7tl/

    I belive that this is the problem? Is there some other way to get planets/ meteorites to move towards the spacerocket than setting angle?

  • rotate counter clockwise or anticlockwise i think is in system or object if u just want to make the meteorite spin or rotate 360 Degrees around his own ax

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