My Apps Fail Windows 8 Certification - HELP

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  • I'm a student in CS.

    First time making apps.

    I'm trying to make Windows Apps, but no luck because they keep failing.

    Is there any immediate help like a tutorial that shows me how to create a Windows 8 app step-by-step to include getting your app into the Windows 8 App store?

  • What reason is provided for failing certification?

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  • Here are the reasons why I failed.

    My questions are, do I need to provide the user with the ability to use touch, if my app is solely for Windows 8 Desktop?

    Also, do I need to provide a way for a user to pause or play audio even if my app has no type of audio?

    Do I need to incorporate play and resume features into my app?

    There are the test results:

    Overall result: failed

    Content compliance: failed

    This test evaluates your software for content compliance with Windows Store Certification Requirements. Learn more

    Your app doesn't meet requirement 1.2. Learn more

    Questions to consider:

    Does your app require a user account? If so, you need to include a test account in the Notes to Testers field.

    Can users make purchases through the app? If so, you need to provide a way to test those purchases.

    Commons reasons why apps fail this requirement:

    The app includes non-functional sections or contains placeholders (labeled "coming soon", "more to come", "not available yet" and so on) for primary user scenarios.

    The app doesn't work on all the architectures that it claims to support.

    For example, if you state that your app works on any CPU, it must work on all architectures, including ARM.

    The app description is misleading or vague.

    The app description uses screenshots or statements that imply features that don't appear to be implemented.

    The app doesn't respond to "play" and "pause" keyboard events to allow users to control audio playback.

    The app description doesn't explicitly state any hardware or network requirements.

    Your app doesn't meet requirement 3.5. Learn more

    Commons reasons why apps fail this requirement:

    One or more tiles in the app don't work with touch.

    The app doesn't support keyboard and mouse.

    Your app doesn't meet requirement 6.2. Learn more

    Commons reasons why apps fail this requirement:

    The content of the app (including ads) is not suitable for the chosen age rating.

    You claimed a rating from a Ratings Board in a game definition file but you did not provide a proof of that rating.

    You listed the app as either 3+ or 7+ and it provides the user with uncontrolled access to online social networks or uncontrolled sharing of personal info with third parties, including other gamers or online acquaintances.

    For such activity to be considered "controlled", your app must include parental control features that require parental permission to use such sharing features, and you must identify those and explain their functionality in the Notes to testers.

    One of the distribution markets you chose requires a rating from a

    Rating board but you did not provide one.

    Notes from Testers:

    D:: This app appears to be incomplete in its functionality to our reviewers.

    E:: The websites linked to from this app appear incomplete when our reviewers looked at them.

    A:: The app does not appear to fully support touch input. Touch support in this app do not appear to work to our reviewers. Please see: for some of the common interactions for keyboard, mouse and touch.

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