App to be made compatible with 2 in 1 Dell ultrabook

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  • I have been given an assignment to design / build an app that automatically changes its configuration/UI etc., when flipped from tablet to laptop mode OR viceversa ( Specifically on 2 in 1 Dell XPS Ultrabook).

    Here are few links to detect the state of the laptop is in Slate ( tablet mode) or Clamshell ( Laptop mode)...

    1. ... ertible-pc

    2. ... wpf-c.html

    The problem is that the above articles refer only to C# code and looks like nothing equivalent is available in Javascript / Construct2 to support the same ( Pls correct if I am wrong)...

    I know that we can detect mouse / touch inputs and accordingly change the UI / configuration of an app...But how do I change the UI configuration automatically in Construct2 in Ultrabook when changing over from laptop to tablet while the user is in the middle of some work inside the app? Any ideas, then please let me know. I thought about detecting accelerometer angle but in some specific cases of laptop orientation vs table mode, even this will not be useful

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