How do I get my app to check for update?

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  • Hey guys,

    This is my first post I have been developing an app for Android and I have it published on Amazon App Store for now I plan to also publish on Google Play and Apple Store when I am finished.

    I want my app check for if there is an update avialable.

    I was trying to find something on it and ran into the Browser Object way of doing it for apps that run in browsers but I can't figure out how to work that into an App.

    I was thinking maybe I can upload a html file into dropbox that has the current version number in it and have my app check if that matches the version number of my app if not then have a simple pop up msg saying there is one available so they can go to the store and download it. Any tips on how to do this or an easier way?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • When publishing to google store, you have a code version for your release, if you change this code and re-upload the apk, all the user will get an update notification, most user are set to auto-update, so in a matters of a days all your clients should be uptodate.

    I never published to ios, but i am guessing it works the same.

    The update status through the browser object is available if your uploading a plain html export to a domain.

    Then, if there are changes to the offline.appache file the app will automatically re-download, you can access the progress with the expression loadingprogress, it runs from zero to one, you can also use the browser object to detect downloading of update and show a message and update ready to send a browser refresh command.

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  • Does dropbox allow you to view the html file as a real html page? If so it'll work. If not, then find another way to host the html page.

    Have only the version number in the file, don't use html markup tags. Easiest way is to make version number int or float.

    Use the Ajax Object to request the url. And convert the retrieved value into an int / float and compare with the current version.

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