Same Apk , Different Problems In Different Devices

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  • Alright , so I finally finished my first app but oh boy a lot of problems showed up .

    I am hoping someone from you awesome developers knows the solution of atleast one of my problems.

    So , the problems stand to the fact that in different devices the app works differently .

    In my phone the app works perfectly .

    In device 2 the loading page of the game is black and redirects directly to the main layout. In the main layout the background doesn't work , it is just black , the other sprites load up correctly but also sounds doesn't open or work.

    In device 3 the loading page of the game works as should , the main layout's background works great , and also everything loads correctly but the sounds do not work or start.

    I exported my app from construct 2 as cordova with the minify script unchecked.

    I compiled the app in cocoonio as webview.

    The physics engine is Box2d Web.

    The description above shows the problem with my app .

    Meanwhile this video shows how the app should work:

    Here is the capx file : ... blems.capx

    Every little help is appreciated!

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  • Changing from Webview to Webview+ seems to fix the problem .

    But I tried it from a phone with little RAM and it opens only at the loading screen and than it closes.

    I thought that the problem is that the app requires and eats too much RAM and slows down or closes in the phones with less ram than 2 Gb.

    So does anyone knows the way how to reduce the RAM required to run the app ?

    Thank you!

  • PLEASE HELP. I read something about memory use and how you should use small images and few events to reduce it but I tried everything and still is stuck at the same memory use.

    Please help , if you want you can check my project.

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  • Help please !

  • Make sure your IMAGES don't have too much space, also check your collision polygon because if you have to many that also affect your performance.

  • reduce the number of physics objects. the physics engine is a huge performance issue. I assume the phone gets very hot as well.

    and check the number of collisions you have... depending on what your game is doing it could really be effecting things.

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