Anime Speed Lines Effect?

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  • hey all,

    just messing around with the best way to do "anime speed lines" or the "anime streak effect".

    this approach seems really heavy handed.. and only looks good until the streak objects reach around 600 or so..

    I do have the WebGL effect: Glow on there as well.. but as is, this is not even close to optimized..

    can anyone suggest some ideas on how to make it look better and run more efficient?

    thanks.. [attachment=0:cspzp4lp][/attachment:cspzp4lp]

  • its 60 fps on my side but i have a good pc

    i think the most optimized way is to create an animation than spawning 600 objects and moving them with bullet + webgl effects

  • I'd say just use 2 or 3 repeating tiledbackgrounds moving across at different speeds.

  • thanks Fidasx and sqiddster I was originally thinking of a moving background, but in anime it usually looks so constantly randomized. But it probably is a small loop. My animation skills aren't very good..maybe I can find a stock background..


  • You could make bigger images for the streaks. Say, 512x512 with as many streaks as you can. Try also cutting the width to as short as possible and then setting it in Construct itself to save download size. Then lower the object amount by 3/4 and see if it makes the performance better. Try to avoid WebGL effects with stuff like this whenever you can.

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  • thanks Hasuak yeah I could probably hardcode the glow effects on the sprite instead of using WebGL.. was just trying to use variation to give it some "movement".

    I'm not sure there's much of a savings by making the images smaller since it still unpacks the entire uncompressed PNG in memory. Although I could probably use tiled backgrounds and make 32x32 squares into the streak lines.. but my concern was more about having 100+ objects moving that fast on the screen... I'm trying to use it as a background to a map screen - so it's not actual gameplay, still performance is a concern.

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