My animations aren't working properly

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  • Yeah you have the last version on the link so it's the version with no bug :p.

    But like i've said, i'm wondering if it's possible to do that : (Suppr the shift control and change the ship with just ctrl)

    Like when you press control it does one thing if shift is down and another if not?

    If so:

    On Ctrl pressed

    --Sub-Event: if Shift down; then yada yada yada

    --Sub-Event: Else; then yada yada yada

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  • No that's not what i wanna do, I just want to use ctrl for both colour, ctrl will set blue if the ship is red and it will set red if the ship is blue. And while I was typing my message I just got the reason it wasn't working xD.

    I've done

     if (ship is yellow or red ) do this
    if (ship is yellow or blue) do that[/code:3gm1el12]
    So yeah it was like " OK it is yellow, but i need to go on blue or red ? I'm fuckin lost u idiot" :c
    I'll just have to think which color set in first, maybe on a random it could be nice. I will edit after my tests
    EDIT : Yh it's working now, i've set on the first time ctrl is pressed a random color and the state that goes with so it's working perfectly, thanks all for the advices
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