Animation System for a Souls-Like Game

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  • Hey there, I am working on a Dark Souls-like game, but I sort of got stuck at the animation system.

    In the game the player should be able to equip a weapon or a shield in either hand and 3 armor pieces (legs, body and head).

    I tried 'cutting' the player character into multiple pieces then moving and rotating them based on a XML file with the animations. (Link: )

    But this proved to be way more complicated than I thought since I haven't worked with XML files before and didn't figure out a way of moving the pieces with events...

    So, do you guys know how to make this work or of an easier way of doing this while still allowing the player to equip multiple things?


  • Spriter

    It's an amazing animation tool that has support for Character Maps, which is the feature you're probably looking for. I'm using it to change a character's outfit and also to add or remove a helmet from her, but it's extremely flexible for far more than just that. It's actually partially intended for exactly the purpose you describe.

    The Spriter object in Construct 2 allows you to stack multiple Charmaps on top of each other, to allow whatever combinations you need.

    It is a bit of an intermediate/advanced tool, so be prepared for a bit of practice and learning, but it has been a godsend for my projects.

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  • Oh, that's awesome! I already started using Spriter for this project so this should be pretty easy to do.

    Thank you very much for letting me know!

  • Yeah, I also use spriter and character maps are fantastic. You just have to make your animations once and then switch armor, weapons and outfits with character maps so you can mix and match equipment without to have to make different animations for different gear.

    I seriously don't use C3 atm just because it doesn't support spriter yet. That is how good spriter is

  • Hey, it seems like it's only available for the pro version...

    Do you know any free alternatives?

  • Unfortunately not off the top of my head. But honestly, it's worth the price if you ask me.

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