How do i make this animation fluid

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  • Hey could someone plz have a look at this file. I want the wizard to shoot a fireball when holding space and space is released at frame 5, I got that working but the animation kinda fcks up it lagging back and forth and i had to change the imagepoint(origin) on every frame. Could someone plz explain to me how to make the animation work better and be more fluid.

                                 The File





    Thank you for your time:)

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  • Are you talking about how the image seems to squish while pressing space?

  • What I'm getting from the *.capx is that each frame is of a different size. By this I mean that the wizard sprite has, for instance, a number of pixels that make up the eyes in one frame and a totally different amount the next, along with different positions, suggesting it's misaligned.

    Did you use some software to automate the sprite's frames?

  • I zoomed in to max in paint to make it snap to grid for the 8bit style but it when enlarge the sprites in paint it fcks up and the eyes for example get different sizes. but ill see if i can find any other software to paint 8bit style

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