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  • Hello,

    I have the Version r 155 that means with the new Android Export function.

    I Exported the Projekt now and there are just much Files..

    I tought I will have an APK File after Exporting...

    Okey, how can I transform these Files now in an APK File for my Smartphone?


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  • Maybe you should read up a little more, take a look at the latest beta blog post here:

    Should be titled "Get started".

    This should point in the direction you are aiming for.

  • Thanks!

    I downloaded and installed the XDK from Intel.

    My Question are now, how can I import my Projekt to the XDK ?

    And how can I change the Icon from my APP and maybe the loading Screen ?

    Than you for the help

  • When you export the project inside C2 with "Android" as the exporter, you navigate to where you exported the files.

    Whenever you create a new project with Intel XDK, it creates a file directory wherever you directed to put it when you started that project.

    Just copy and paste the exported C2 files inside this New Project directory, restart XDK and the files that you copied over should turn up within the project. Once you have achieved this, you can build your app.

    As of right now, Crosswalk does not support Icons or a loading screen as it is in beta. You will have to wait for this feature to come later on.

  • How cool would it be just to have an "export to android" button that produces an android APK file?

    Why monkey around the bush?

    I'd pay extra for that for sure!

  • Well mrchay is trying to do just that at this thread here.

    however it has some problems. It doesn't create an export with the export button. But if your export to the compile directory of his project. Then run go.bat. That's all there really is to it... But as I said it has some problems and isn't ready for practical use yet. hopefully soon.

    It would be however awesome if Ashley would provide this design in C2. It would only increase the C2 size by about 10mb install. With some options in C2 for manifest names, key location so on etc. We could have a bonified Android version of a NodeWebkit like compile... including the 20mb overhead :D

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