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  • hey im trying to use cocoonjs to export to android..

    keep getting black screen with fps display. tried it on 2 phone with same results

    funny thing is spaceblaster will compile and i get to the start screen on both phones but cant advance to is a Xperia Arc S (LT18i), the other a more advanced LG phone

    i noticed someone else saying that cocoonjs is gathering dust. is this true? if so what is the preferred export to android. Really looking for something straight forward as the cocoon implementation appeared

    if it wasnt for that black screen id be good. also looking at XDK and CLAY.IO which seem kind of similar but not as straight forward

  • 1. CJS is not gather dust. It's the most activly used C2 mobile wrapper right now.

    2. The individual who made the comment mostly hangs out in the Ejecta thread which has a descent following. If your doing IOS you are probably better using that.

    3. have you followed the tutorials on using CJS?

    4 How are you testing your program out. by cloud compiled version or launcher.

    A. if launcher are you using preview over lan with CJS?

    B. if launcher are you copying the .zip file over the root of your android device?

    CLAY.IO is not the same as CJS. is not a wrapper it's an achievment and online cloud data storage.

    XDK doesn't support accelerated Canvas. It's built to make DOM Web Apps faster.

    Also to catch ahead. Game Closure has an overhead that no one has simplified yet for ease of use. So it's not a running option until someone does so(which I seemed to be backed in to a corner soon to use)

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  • same here op.

    please hook me up when you find a solution!

  • press the framerate button and then go to the error section to see whats going on.last time i had the same problem it was because i had left in my project a background bigger than 2500 pixels which is not supported. the error log said it clearly! i deleted it and it worked like a charm hope i helped

  • ok good news on cocoonjs. i will keep trying. my background size is 2200 and actually i had exported a simple single sprite project as a test and it failed too...not at home at the moment but i will try the frame rate debug thing asap..thanks

  • glad i could help! :) one good practice if you want to keep your background intact is to use an imaging software(illustrator,corel,paint etc) and divide it into 3 or 4 parts.then use the tile background option again and again to import them one by one and join them.the result will be the same but the smaller the pixel size the less taxing it is to the possessor! and you MUST use tricks to get the best performance out of a mobile device since as master asley says"they are anywhere from 10 to 100 times slower than a pc"

  • yeah i think its a case of human error.

    am i correct in thinking, i export from construct as cocoonjs and immediately run it on the launcher? ive bene uploading it to the cloud then trying to run each of the zips it spits out.

    running the launcher debugger told me that there were no fields to play i reckon im doing it way wrong.


  • my only advice to you my friend is to keep reading everything.from the manual to every post on the forum. i know its very tiring at first but after a while you will be able to do everything so much easier.when you compile it on the cloud it returns an .apk file.the standart android file that anyone can install on his phone. if you have the cocoonjs app on your phone then you only need the .zip file construct 2 exports to test your game.

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