Android Crosswalk Music Start Up Issues

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  • WOW I didn't know preload sounds made the game start slower. Maybe that's why my game levels always are laggy in the beggining!

  • This is basically the reason why you have Music and Sound folders in C2. As you know both are just a sound files and can be treated same way (that's why it is possible to drag & drop them).

    However Sounds are meant to be small. It is used for speciall effects, clicks etc. so usually sound is not longer than 3 seconds and very often it is less then a second. Such a short sound usually takes less then 50kB. So loading them at the start of the game shouldn't affect the overall loading time too much.

    With music it is a bit different because music usually has several minutes, and that long sound files are already counted in MBs. So it affects the loading time.

    Now when you have preloading sounds OFF, then the first time you sound will start it will be the time it gets loaded, so it might have a lag before it starts to play. So yes it is good to have it ON, because a game with laggy sounds is simply kind of frustrating.

    In case that you have to move your music file to the sounds folder (this is a bug and will be fixed soon surely, but well if you have no choice at the moment let's focus on the currently possible solution) and it makes your game loading time too long you can try to load sounds manually.

    So I would disable preload sounds in project settings, and load the sounds on your main screen in the background, to do so you simply use Audio object which has an action called "preload sound" or something like that (just from the top of my head).

    Doing so your app loading time will stay normal. Your basic sounds/small sounds will load on main screen very fast. And while the game is on you don't have to preload music, simply start it.

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  • WOW I didn't know preload sounds made the game start slower. Maybe that's why my game levels always are laggy in the beggining!

    I believe preloading sounds happens only at the start of the game - not layout. In your case it's a problem with rendering objects. You might want to check my tutorial to get rid of the switching layout lag: How to smoothly switch between layouts.

  • Very useful information. Thank you so much. I remember there was a comment to preload music or sounds for IOS becuase before there was a bug where I couldn't get sound to start. So I was always preloading with comments. Also now I think it is maybe best to keep short music with loops for a game rather than long music for performance.

  • I will definetly check your tutorial! That should help a lot. Cause the game I am working on really heavy like I said. I am sure your tutorial will be really helpful. Thank you again.

  • apofis Hi try to reimport the music you used inside C2 then move to sound folder this worked for me. Also in another forum mahdi71 suggested this.

    ok i found a way !!

    use intel xdk and then you dont have musics but :

    1- download Advanced ApkTool

    2- decompile your apk

    3- recompile your apk


    i dont know why but it work !

    volcank thanks, this works !, incredible:)

    But after I recompile, I got unknow error after signing to Google Play Services..which is not showing if I do not use apktool

    EDIT: The error dissapeared after I recompiled (ONLY recompile option), then signed and zipalign manually

  • apofis Ah nice. I will try it tonight and see if I can make it to work

  • Hi! I have one more question which is always bugging me also. Another thing I think that is making my games to start slow is at the start of layout I destroy a lot of objects which are being spawned. And I have like 3 worlds now and in world 2 and 3 also there are like extra 2 diferent enemies which I spawn them during the game. Also there a like pieces of crates and enemies that are being spawned which I need to destroy at the start of layout. And I also use only 1 global sheet for all of the levels to make the APS size smaller. All the levels have their own level sheet as well but they have few events for ending the laytou etc. Also seems I need to keep the objects in my work area for them to work during the gameplay or C2 gives errors. Is there a way to avoid this situtaion or any other way to destroy objects etc??

    Thank you.

  • I am not really sure if I understand your concern, but if it's mainly about the lag at the start of the layout then you should read my tutorial which i've mentioned earlier. If you implement what I've described there, noone will notice any lag at the start of the layout.

  • Ok I will definetly try out. Thank you!

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