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  • Hello guys, first of all, Thanks for your aides so long.

    I think, there is a big question with data issues, I will try to express it with my poor English:

    As I know, we have so far three ways to save the data:

    1. the webstorage (something like cookies)

    2. PHP + Ajax (to read the DB or XML)

    3. CVS plug-in (some kind of local save)

    But it seems that they are all for certain use

    For example:

    If I want to make a multiple choices Question Game, where there is a lot of text to save(not by player, but by developpers) , Perhaps we should use CVS.

    If this game is on line facebook game, perhaps we should use ajax to save all players' information and their score

    If this game is a long game, we should perhaps save the information of process in a Webstorage

    If this game , at the same time, is an offline game, we should perhaps save the information progress again in the CVS


    I'm not sure if I was right.

    The questions is: Now I really want to do somethine nice, which is multi-plateforme, which means, facebook, moblie, web brower, offline and online, is that possible? Which kind of methode should I choose? And if I should use them all, how to save the information?

    Well, I'm not sure if I've already make my self clear. Thanks again, and kind regards


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