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  • Ashley, you beat me to the post edit. Man, sometimes I think you aren't a real person and instead a bot :)


    In my attempt to reply quickly and start on the fix, I was too brief and left out a part. So I wanted to edit my previous post stating that in addition to the jsonp code, you need to add bridge code that will pass information from the webview layer down to directCanvas layer. XHR does not exist in DC. Sorry about leaving that out. In my head I wrote it, but it never made it to the screen. :(

    I will be adding support into the appMobiDev plugin to handle this and will reply when the changes are up on github.

  • tap - I tried that, and also tried without using DC - either crashed or didn't work. The bug I sent in covers both cases I think. The built-in AJAX object already contains code to try this workaround when in the appMobi container, but it either crashes or does nothing if you try to use it.

  • Ashley - Hmm, ok so you already implemented the bridge code into the C2 engine. That's pretty much all I had in my "bag-o-tricks". :) However, I just talked with our DC guys and they will be looking into it soon. So we will probably have a DC native fix for it. I will update the thread once I know more.

  • Thanks for looking into the issue. to your question where are you looking to use Ajax for in your games is that i am developing a kind of puzzle game where it has about 100 puzzles where i use xml to store those puzzle related information and request through Ajax calls to retrieve those when needed.

    Hoping we can get the fix soon ! , i am eagerly waiting to test my game on the appMobi platform. :)

  • I even tried with PhoneGap export , when i use Ajax the game doesn't load. Is it a pervasive problem across all the mobile export, is there any workaround ?

    I even tried with Safari and Chrome browser for iOS directly on iPhone , that seems to work. i am basically accessing it from the machinename.domain.com

    please advise this is really blocking me from testing on the mobile/tablet devices as an app.

    Here is my stripped down capx of my game,


  • Hey all,

    I just wanted to give you a quick update. Our DC devs resolved the issue and pushed the updated applab to the store. You should be good to go after re-installing applab.

    - We talked via email and I believe you should be all set. If there's anything remaining. Just let me know.

  • ludei - Any corrections on CocoonJS for the same coming soon?

  • you might have to let the cocoonJS support team know or in their support forum

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  • Wait.. so it's now possible to use the Ajax function on AppMobi?! <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Not the Ajax object that comes with contruct 2 , but u can use AppMobiDev plugin's " GET REMOTE DATA" which only runs on AppMobi. Here is the sample capx,


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