Advanced Usage of Instance Objects

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  • I've passed two variables into an instance object.

    InstanceName: Carrier

    InstanceUID: 2

    How do I combine that into an expression like this?

    Set Position to:



    It should parse into something like: Carrier(2).X and Carrier(2).Y

    But it's not taking it. I get a "Not a Behavior" error.

    Let me know if this isn't making sense.



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  • I'm not sure what you're trying to do - the 'InstanceName' expressions don't make much sense to me. Can you explain some more what you're attempting?

    If you want to get expressions from an instance with a specific UID, add a subevent with a 'Pick by UID' condition, then in that event expressions will return results for that instance.

  • How do I pick a specific Instance by UID only? I have a number, I don't have the name of the object.

    And if the UID number is unique, I shouldn't need the name of the object anyway.

    When I create a sub event, I have to select the type of object first. How do I get around this and only find an instance by UID?

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