Adjust Mouse Aim on Rotation (CAPX included)

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    Hey there - just working on my game and came into an issue I cant seem to wrap my head around - if anyone has any insight or could offer some guidance I'd be immensely grateful. :)


    Use mouse to aim, left click to shoot. Bullets line up perfectly with mouse cursor, as expected.

    Now use A or D keys to rotate the Player, and in turn the screen. Once you are rotated, especially at "odd" angles (like 41 degrees, or 76 degrees, etc) the bullets no longer line up with the mouse cursor. They are slightly off, but never by a consistent amount.

    Im thinking it has something to do with the angle of the gun itself, never properly lining up or something, but no matter what I try i cant seem to get it working where the accuracy is always 100% on the mouse cursor..

    Any ideas? Thank you so so much in advance!

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