How do I Addition score from different layout?

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  • Here is a demo of what I said to do. ... topic-5495

    if text score on screen set text = Score

    updated demo as global's transfer between layouts and local's do not.

    see demo for more details.

    so if you need to have local's for each layout they need to be set on scoring event sheet

    then on layout total / finish pull local scores then add to total score.

    like seen in galaga where to total ships destroyed = total score.


    > I have 3 event sheets for the 3 layouts and a ""score"" global variable copied on each event sheet but it doesn't work. Can you please make an example very simple project? Help Please

    > only have to set global on one event sheet to call on all layouts

    Edit1: Updated demo to add total scores both for global and local.

    Edit2: Ok! I have not made the mod for this part, But you could also use something like subtract 1 from score lv1 add to total score if lv1 score =0 do event subtract 1 from score lv2 add to total score. if lv2 score = 0 do event subtract 1 from lv3 score add 1 to total score.

    Thus you would see text scores for each displayed score and total = 0

    Then as each score zeros out and add to total

    The next would start to zero out and add to total

    for a more cool total effect.

    Edit3 : Ok! I added a trigger button to total all scores and subtract from other scores.

    Edit4: Ok! I went as far as to make a video talking about this topic and added it to my collection of video tutorials. see them here. my-construct-2-video-tutorials_t168236

    Thanks a lot man for your devotion, i will work on it as soon as i have the time to check the project as i have to finish some motion design project for now . I will post feedback here soon.

  • I'm having trouble making score screen. I share with you my example. Can you give me some advice. I do not want to switch to a new layout for the score screen. I want a small window open in the game layout. However, i want to give 3 stars, 2,stars but it is a problem . when i complate level in first shoot it is 3 star. Complate second shoot it is 2 star third or more try it is 1 star.

    her is the link ..

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  • Make a new variable called "totalscore" and make a totalscore.text object that will display the Total Score the player has gotten from the 3 levels, then do this in the Event Sheet...

    every tick > totalscore.text > Set text to: "Total Score: "&score1+score2+score3

    Should work, it doesn't matter where your events are, or where your variables are.... Hope that's helped.

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