Adding levels step by step?

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  • Please someone correct me if I'm wrong...

    Looking over the forums and tutorials I was looking for "how do I add levels" But it seems they believe you are familiar with C2, which I'm not, yet.

    From what i gathered the (easiest) steps are:

    1) place all sprites, objects, etc... etc... on main layout - layout 1.

    2) copy layout 1 & paste to layout 2. (my game will use the same mechanis, gameplay throughout, only adding Bosses as the levels progress.

    3) change conditions, events & actions in layout per level as needed: "level 5: (Boss 2> health equal/ less than 5.

    That is what my brain has grasped so far.

    In my game there is a 3840X1024 layout. Player will move to the left to destroy enemy tanks, picking up certain random powerups. Player must maneuver/ destroy blocks ("breakout" style) to destroy enemy tanks. At the far edge of the layout a Boss will slide on screen. To go to the next level, Boss must be destroyed.

    There will be a statistics screen for the player to see how well they did, shots fired, enemies destroyed, etc, etc, a scroll/ shimmer splash screen of the games title followed by a "Level(?) splash screen. The powerups will always be onscreen for the player to click on to activate.

    So, does all of this needs to be on main layout and then in each layout for the level be called upon with conditions, actions and events?

    I've only been using C2 for a few weeks, but I am happy with my progress so far. Better than gamemaker & game salad.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • You can have each level in a layout, then make an event sheet that contains all the base code and import it into each level (just press N when in the event sheet for the level). Then for each level you can have its own sheet with its own events

    You don't need a 'main layout' because you can access all objects on the 'project tab' to the right, just remember to name your objects properly to make this easier

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