How do I add signal for scoring

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  • I'm working on making an online interactive quiz, and users have to click on the correct answer choice to get points. Is there a way where they don't get points until after they've clicked another button? I'm worried they may accidentally press the wrong choice and miss out on their points. Here's what I would like to happen:

    1) User clicks on Answer Choice A

    2) Submit button appears

    3) User clicks on Submit button

    4) System adds 10 points to the score.

    If they click on choice B I still want the submit button to appear but not have the system add 10 points. I would like for them to be able to change their mind before submitting, but only get points if the last answer they choose before submitting is the correct one. I know how to allow users to click on text and buttons and getting the system to add 10 points, but not how to incorporate elements that will allow my last sentence to be possible. I'm not sure if this makes sense but I'm happy to provide clarification.

    Clarification #1: Right now I have it where they click an answer choice and if it's the right one they get their points but if it's the wrong one they don't get points. They can only click one answer choice one time; I would like them to be able to click multiple choices if they need to before the system adds points.

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  • Have the check for the correct answer and the points added when the submit button is clicked, not when the answer is clicked.

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