How do I add a "Function" ? [Solved]

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  • Hi,

    I've just purchased Constructs 2 and I'm beginning to go through some online tutorials.

    One I've been going through is "How to make a Pixel Platformer":

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    I'm now on Video #7, but I'm asked to add a "Function", but when I attempt to "Add an Event" and select "Function", the Icon for "Function" isn't there in the Events as suggested in the tutorial.

    From what I read online, some changes have been made to how this behaves in the last few years, but as I'm not much a of a programmer and haven't used Construct 2 before - I don't have a clue what to do instead. I'm familiar with what a function is, but how do you add one?

    Thanks a lot,


    The Construct Manual doesn't explain how to add a Function, it just talks about their uses.

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  • JayH You know how you add a sprite (double click on layout or right click then click add sprite) then scroll down and click function then in the event sheet you can call and name the function(s) .

  • Thanks Laurence,

    Totally different approach to the tutorial, but it's now available in the Events to use - seems weird that it's not in the Events tab by default and that you have to add it in the Layout first. This should be added to the Construct 2 Manual.

    I doubt I would have figured it out myself without help.

    Regards, Jay.

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