How do I add object?

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  • ok Minor sorry for my forgotten...

    when my main sprite bounce on the platform give me 1 point.. and when i collect 10 point give me a gold and when my ball take a gold gold give me 5 point...

    this gold is a obect i want create.... ok?

    please Minor help me

    I do not know but this reasoning to translate it into script

    everytime gain 10 score create this object...

    last part i know... "create this object"

  • You need to add a new variable like in my example and call it "object_create". Whenever you add points to your score also add it to this variable. So for every time bounce you add 1 to "score" and 1 to "object_create".

    Like in my example compare when "object_create" is equal or greater than 10. Create your "gold object" and then subtract 10 from "object_create".

    I can't do any more really you have my working example you have to add that to your game.

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  • ok tnk you i have resolved with your system 2 global variable

  • Dear Minor only one question... when i launch a game with a run layout button i have zero score ok???

    because they appear just 4 items that I entered? I state that everything works now except for this thing ...

  • Sorry I don't quite understand what you mean.

    Shouldn't your score be 0 at the start?

  • yes start to 0 but appear my object i have add

    expression is

    frist value "greater or equal" second value "score = 40" create object......................

    because every 40 score i want create a object

  • ok i have alreadi resolved with this expression

    frist value "greater or equal" second value "40" create object...................... "this is correct"


    frist value "greater or equal" second value "score = 40" create object......................

    for me can closed this post

    tnk donelwero and Minor for their support

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