How do I add multiple points to my scoreboard

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  • I made a global variable TRIGGER = 0, in correct answer -> Add 1 to TRIGGER

    but where i set the check ?

    The check is another condition on the event where you check the answer.

    Right click on the Event and click add condition.

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  • can you explain more ? i cant make it

  • can you explain more ? i cant make it

    On your event add another condition On Trigger = 0

    You changed the trigger to 1 after that event was finished so that event will not play again unless you reset trigger to 0.

  • I tried this but i want the correct answers to be random. Using the Trigger variable i must find the 1st answer first,then the second etc. Is there another way?

    P.S The game is something like Family feud. Question appears,then you must find as many correct answers as you can.each answer gives different score

  • How many possible answers in each round?

    If you want to do it randomly you would need a trigger for each possible answer to turn that answer event off when they get it correct.

  • some times 7 answers some times i need 8 different variables as triggers, right?

    P.S do you have email or anything so we can talk off topic. if yes, send me in pm here. i will need your knowledge for sure

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