Ability to access taskbar while maximized

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  • I searched and didn't find anything on this, is there a way to disable Construct 2's disabling of using the mouse to activate the taskbar when it's maximized? Maybe I overlooked a setting somewhere? Or maybe there's a setting in Windows 7? I'm sure it's a feature some people enjoy but personally it would help my workflow if I could access my taskbar while the program is maximized without having to press the windows key.

  • I'm not sure I've understood correctly. When Construct 2 is running maximized, you can't click on the taskbar?

    Edit: Or do you mean when the browser is running fullscreen? That has nothing to do with C2.

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  • When Construct 2 is maximized and I move the mouse cursor down to the taskbar, the taskbar does not appear. It has nothing to do with any browser.

  • Sounds like a problem with Windows 7 and the "auto-hide taskbar" option. I wouldn't know, I don't use the auto-hide function and don't have access to Win7 right now. Maybe someone could test though, see if it's just your computer or if it's all Win7.

  • I think it is something specific to Construct 2 because I do not have this issue with any other programs.

  • Oh, yea sorry I wasn't clear, but that's what I meant. It just didn't happen with WinXP so I assumed it was only with Win7.

    I just tested on Vista though and it's the same bug you described. Maybe you should post this in the bugs forum?

  • Ok, I'll do that.

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