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  • I know this isn't really a C2 "How to", but this seems the most logical place.

    Has anyone figured out how to add ads to the new Universal app through VS2013? I can not for the life of me figure out how to put in an ad into my project. The old way was so simple and now I can't find a single mention of 8.1 ads outside of the "updates and extensions" window.

  • sha-bump

  • I have not done actually done this yet, but in theory when you export as universal app, you will get a VS project written in C# and XAML. From there, you can simply edit the XAML to put an ad control below the content of your game. You might have to do this for both of the different layouts (Win 8 and WP8) but the idea should be the same as how you did it before. Is that how you were doing it before?

  • Yes and no. I was using the mainpage.xaml, but I was just using the API to drag and drop the ad where I wanted it. Outside of that the code was foreign to me.

  • i think there's still no ad network that support 8.1 yet. i used admob before, but now when i try to add googlead.dll reference it said that it's not supported.

  • If anyone has the time you may want to try and dig into the windows 8 ads plugin and see if you can rig it to work with the new universal apps. That is what I used before the universal apps were released. It has all the plumbing to display Microsoft pubcenter ads. And it is a drag and drop control you just put in your layouts and then give it the ad ID from your pubcenter ads. It didn't work with WP apps, but it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to get it to work with them.

  • Something has gotta work cause the ad SDK for 8.1 is built into VS2013. Damn you MS for not making this easier!

  • There's unfortunately no current ADS SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 Projects written in Javascript. There is currently no way that I know of to get pubCenter ads working on a Windows Phone 8.1 project from Construct 2. Alternatively, you could export to Windows Phone 8 and take the route I explained above with editing the XAML mainpage. However, there is support for Windows 8.1 projects written in Javascript. With Windows 8.1, you can simply edit the HTML index page. Here are my posts on both of these scenarios.

    Windows 8.1 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/quick_thoughts/ ... uct-2.aspx

    Windows Phone 8 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/quick_thoughts/ ... uct-2.aspx

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  • I tried to use the PubCenter Plugin for Win 8.1 Export but I cant see any ad when testing it (release/debug on local pc). I entered the 2 values from the PubCenter website into the plugin but why cant I see anything? :/

  • I found this in the error log in Visual Studio /edit: but it seems it appears with and without PubCenter:

    HTML1701: Der dynamische Inhalt "<select msallowclip=''><option selected=''></option></select>" kann nicht hinzugefügt werden. Von einem Skript wurde versucht, dynamischen Inhalt oder zuvor dynamisch geänderte Elemente einzuschleusen, die möglicherweise unsicher sind. Beispiel: Durch Hinzufügen eines Skriptelements oder von fehlerhaft formartiertem HTML mithilfe der innerHTML-Eigenschaft wird diese Ausnahme generiert. Mit der toStaticHTML-Methode können Sie dynamischen Inhalt filtern. Oder erstellen Sie Elemente und Attribute explizit mit einer Methode wie z. B. "createElement". Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter "http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=247104".

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