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  • Now I'm starting to have fun a bit of basic Procedural Generation

    For 200 planets you still only need 1 sprite. You can use multiple frames & set a width dynamically.


    Planets can still overlap in the example but that can be sorted at a later date. The layout is 5000x5000.

    You say you'd need 200 predefined names which is true but wouldn't the same be true in C? I put a very basic 3 syllable name generator into the example, you'll get duplicate names & unpronounceable names but again that can be solved with a more robust (i.e not slapped together in a few minutes) name generator.

    There are is no planet information in the example because I don't know if we are now in the realms of ProcGen planets, predefined planets or somewhere in between.

    I hope we're getting somewhere slowly but I love this sort of stuff and have wanted to make something like this in the past.

    If you have any more info post it and we'll see where the example goes

  • You can have a very large layout, which is much bigger than the viewable screen (viewport, or 'window size' in project properties) and generate your planets at random x,y locations at startup. Only onscreen objects (in the viewport) are rendered so its feasible. Or you could have multiple 'zones/levels' (layouts) to break it up, and switch between them during the game. Is that what you're after? You can store your names (or other level data) in JSON text files and load them dynamically. I have not done such large layouts so I'm sure others will chime in.

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  • Yes Minor you hit the nail on the head or however you frase it, LOL.

    Your example explains a lot of what I am trying to do. Think of the old Amiga game ELITE, <HTML>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_(video_game)</HTML> but in a 2D environment with a LOT more planetary data.

    Basically it's Elite on steroids. I started making this in C a few years back but got derailed with RL issues and lost my HDD in a crash so all my files disappeared and I lost interest. But, now with Construct I figured I'd give it another try. I thought it was going to be easy with the knowledge I have of C but that was NOT the case as I have discovered lol.

    Anyways yes your example is fairly easy to implement bits and pieces into my game. As a matter of fact it's AMAZING how much you can do with so little in Construct when you really know it like you do.

    Thx again and look for more questions in the near future from me hahaha.

    Thx guys!

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