2D 1st Person Horror HELP!

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  • I'm working on a project that uses old school

    Crpg style first person. It's going to be horror based.

    How it works is when the player steps on a certain tIle, the system creates the 3D images that I rendered in 2D pngs based on which tile is being stepped on. I plan for there to be combat in that there will be five invisible tiles in front of the player that represent distance and sight. When an enemy or object is on the tile it will display as if its first person and when the enemy steps on the tiles that get close to the player, the program will conjure those images. However all the tech is hidden in a mini map in 2D. It's mostly just fake 3D in that theirs not even raycasting. It's just a series of images that are conjured based on the tile the player stepped on.

    To break it down: Theirs two views. One is the 2D view thats like a mini map. The other is a 3D view that shows 3D-2D rendered images. The 2D view is required to initiate these rendered images.

    Anyway, I just need some direction on a few things. I got it partially working.

    1. Is it possible to have the image change based on my players direction. I want it to have four way movement. Right now the images displayed are one direction. However, I got the distance to change based on movement. Think of the game 'QuestLord' on ios and android.

    2. Tile based movement and tank control: I can probably figure out tile based movement but tank control might need to be programmed manually. Because, yeah theirs a tank control option, but it's too fluent. I need it to just turn immediately to north, south, east, or west, and still require the up key to move straight instead of slowly turning.

    3. Walls: a problem with the tile based enemy combat is that if the player is facing a wall, and theirs an enemy on the other side, the first person view will show the enemy as if its standing in the wall. I need to find a way to counter this.

    If anyone has made a game like this, please Share your ideas and tech. It's mostly an experiment on my part to see if I can make something with good graphic but that uses and requires very little space to play and run.

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