Are you on XP or Vista/7?

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  • Windows 7 Enterprise edition x64 user here.

  • Happy owner of a Windows7 Home/64-bit here.

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  • Windows 7 Professional x64 CS/CZ here

  • Another Win 7 64 Pro here.

  • Win7 64-bit Pro

  • While I think that XP is a much better OS overall, and don't really like 7 or Vista as much, with my limited computer knowledge I can't really help that my laptop comes with Vista and there ain't nothin' to do about that.

  • While I think that XP is a much better OS overall, and don't really like 7 or Vista as much...

    I used to think this too. I hung on to XP for a really long time because I didn't think I needed anything more than XP. Then I had to switch from XP x86 to Win7 x64 because I got a new processor (thanks Jeff... wherever you are) and I'm oh so glad I did. Win7 was a bit different so it took a little getting used to, but man is it ever a better OS than XP. By like, a LOT. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Vista is garbage though. My girlfriend has it on her laptop and I really can't stand using her laptop.

  • I cannot accurately vote because I use both, XP and Vista.

    I wish I didn't have to keep upgrading my os to run new software. If I had my way I'd be using my old 386sx processor with an emulated math co-processor running dos and win95. Ah, back when a game had full control over the computer without the os causing the fps to be erratic...

    On a side note C2 crashes when it closes on xp after adding a sprite or loading a capx with a sprite. It's non-fatal since it happens after the project is saved but it still is a slight nuisance.

  • I have Win7 64bit on my desktop and Vista 32bit on my laptop. My desktop broke down and now I'm stuck using only Vista, which sucks when you've gotten used to Win 7 =(

  • Win 7 x64 here too

  • Xp 64-bit here. But I recommend you to visit this link

  • oh should we post our "bit'ness" too?

    then Win7 x64.

  • When I got Vista for the first time, I was amazed, but I realized it was such a heavy OS (needs lotsa requirements on hardware). So I went back to XP and waited for 7. So yeah I use 7 now. I'm more "techy" when it comes to XP but I'm sticking with 7 for now for learning purposes and probably till the next one comes out.

  • Win7 x64

  • Same as Deadeye�s story. I once lived in my little castle thinking that XP was the only reliable

    solution. Vista was just some kind of betatest

    I�m a freelancer and since I had to include sculpting high resolution meshes into my pipeline

    to keep up with the tech switching to 64bit was a must. And using just 4GB out of my 32GB was

    NOT an option!

    Win7 64 is just rocksolid and with a little customisation magic this is my new castle.

    It�s bigger it�s better and has a lot more knights to fend of those big nasty meshmonsters.

    What I cant let go is my organized classic start menu I just use the classic startmenu app for win7.

    To quote the grandfather of soul: "I feel good..."



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