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  • So many thanks you guys!!

  • guys, scheme with AJAX doesn`t work and i can`t figure out why.

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  • If it can help anyone, we found one possible cause for external XML not being found in the project folder. On my PC it turned out that the XML file that I would import in the project tree was not the one that I saved in the project folder, but appeared to be a copy of it created in some folder located here:


    So when I changed that XML in that directory and tested again, it updated in the game and worked just fine.


  • Hi I've got my xml through some PHP on my server to solve domain issues and AJAX has loaded it to my game.

    now to breaking in to useful stuff

    my tree

    1              event

    2               sub event

    1              event

    2               sub event

    1              event

    2               sub event

    So am I right in thinking the sub events in C2 should mimic the xml?

    1 = the root     = event

    2 = the string   = sub event

    in blackhornet's tutorial I can see three sub events and three branches.

    If I use the same xml as him and ignore the Catalog level, will I be on the right track?

    Apologies if I've used the wrong terminology and if blackhornet isn't a he. I've edited the post after going and looking at the blackhornet tutorial again, but I need more help :) I'm not getting data where I expect it to be

  • I'm having Xeed's problem. I've imported the file. My capx to start looks exactly like what was posted earlier from the documentation. My very next line is a super simple test XML -> for every node "/nodename" Text -> "confirmed"

    Nothing happens. It's like the file is not being loaded at all. I have no idea what I've missed.

    BTW, this works if instead of trying to load it through ajax, I just paste the xml in as a string.

  • I'm trying to load data from an external site which is why I need AJAX or am I wrong? :) I'll try it and see what happens

    It doesn't complain but I can't see anything, with the lastdata I can at least see the stuff I'm trying to import

    thanks for the suggestion I'll keep playing


    Nothing, I think it's me but even when I copy the example exactly nothing appears to happen

    Oh hang on, it works

    But still can't I do this with an external file?

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