Xbox 360 'Internet Explorer' App & HTML5

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  • Wow, this all seems pretty impressive.

    I had the same question as sheepy, but I'm starting to believe it's because they can't do anything which would compete well against it. Eventually, as it becomes a bigger necessity and a standard, I'm sure they will give in and support WebGL because it's what people WANT.

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  • I'm still very pessimistic that MS will implement WebGL. I think if they did anything along those lines, they'd invent something like WebDX. This would probably cause some awkward compatibility issues (GLSL shaders won't work unless rewritten in HLSL...) but would be better than nothing, and more likely than WebGL.

  • Sigh. Oh Microsoft, you so silly. <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Quick question on this one... I've got my game loaded up. The first layout plays fine but the second it tries to proceed to the next layout the game freezes.

    Has anyone else had this issue? It's happened with 2 different games now which both work fine on mobile devices and my laptop browser.


    Sorry to bump this topic, didn't notice the new one. This was the first one I saw when I did a search.

    Also does minifying script effect the performance?

  • I've been browsing the arcade on the xbox and come across a few that will freeze up after what appears would be the first layout. I'm wondering if there's an action it isn't handling properly. Possibly the 'wait x seconds' action or something??? No idea. It's just some work and some don't and I cannot work out why. It's frustrating as both of my game don't pass the first layout.

  • Now that IE is officially released on xbox, I also tried this out, OP are you still able to run your game? Maybe the html 5 support is too rough and they don't want to release it, or it's just typical large company restrictive crap.

  • I am the only one having issues I mentioned with the game not progressing anywhere after the first layout?

  • Sorry I'm a little late in seeing these replies.

    I haven't tried my game recently since the IE app was released officially. I'll try to make a note to try it out soon and let you know if I run into any troubles!

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