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  • Anyway, it would be interesting to see what others think about it: so do you think there ARE benefits to writing text code for a simple game instead of using Construct 2, if we leave out performance issues?

    I have doubts about it. I majored in ENGLISH, and many years ago there was a rancorous debate at my university about whether paper dictionaries (vs. software ones) were still good for anything. There was a collective of conservatists who advocated them as being 'more reliable', 'having more soul' or 'useful during power outages' but in the end their point was just impossible to defend.

    Software dictionaries are just much quicker and convenient, end of story. Similarly, I somehow feel that in terms of developing (simple?) games, tools like Construct 2 may have the potential of becoming what Visual Studio is to coding in Notepad or even what Windows is to DOS. Would you agree?

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  • I agree, everything of this kind will become more and more accessible, even if some people don't want to.

    And I think this is a good thing.

  • Wow, replies. So, well, I definitely wasn't narcisstic nor comparing my skills to others. And where did that come from?

    No idea ^^ I don't know how saying 'what I do isn't special' is narcissism.

    I very much agree with what you're saying, except that the distinction between programming and coding is bigger than a lot of people say. And C2 has, by this mass saving of time, allowed people the chance to make games who literally could not have before, due to the time involved in learning to code vs time they have available to learn. So in this way it has 'saved' many people who could not code and allowed them to make games.

    Heh, not directed at you, but I remember on the RM forums the veteran users would say 'if RM put in all the features you liked they would lose the scripting community! So if you want to make good games, learn to code so you can make your own scripts and stop asking the work to be done for you.', which just sounds totally bananas. But that is the mentality a lot of people have. I really wonder how great RM could have been if they A: tried, and B: regulated their community in any way shape or form.

  • Lately there are many tools at our disposal, but learning them and ultimately using them - or being creative with them is completely another matter.

    I found C2 by chance and internet digging, used it and I must say it is an expressive tool to say the least. Tool that nicely exposes logic and integration of various elements towards final complete project.

    On the programming side this kind of tools enables quick realisation of ideas and even helps to grasp some programming techniques.

    (OK sometimes it would be beneficial if you could script the classic way but C2 is still evolving... :) )

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