Windows roaming values not working?

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  • Hi. I tried to store some data for all win devices with "Roaming Value" from the Windows Store plugin but it does not seem to save or load data.

    When I try to get the value it always returns a blank string (""). Here is one example from my current project (Win10):

    Any ideas?

  • Has anyone used the roaming values successfully?

    Or is it broken and needs a bug report Ashley ? (but testing only works for published apps?)

  • Your bug report about the "Open Windows Store" action not working turned up a wider issue that the Windows Store plugin incorrectly checked specifically for Windows 8. So a bunch of stuff including roaming values and the opening the Windows Store action only worked on Windows 8 and not Windows 10! I've fixed the check for the next beta which should fix those problems, and maybe one or two others.

  • Great news! Thank you very much.

  • I remembered another issue with Windows Ashley . Right now the PubCenter plugin can only be added once and it seems you can only show banners for PC/Tablet OR Mobile but not both depending on the platform. Is it possible to allow multiple instances of the PubCenter plugin to add different banner IDs / sizes?

  • You can already pass different banner IDs to the pubCenter actions can't you?

  • Only "Prepare Interstitial" has an Ad ID. Show Banner can only define position and size but no ID. This one is taken from the Plugin.

    I did not use interstitial yet but as far as I know its screen filling? And there are no positioning options.

    (PS: Setting a fixed position for banners to show up would be nice, if you maximize a portrait app the banner in a corner is in the black window outside of the app/game.)

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  • Ashley It would be great if this could be expanded to allow multiple IDs like this:

    On Start of layout: if Mobile > Show banner ID for Mobile

    Else > Show banner ID for pc/tablet

    But adding a new banner for mobile does not only change the banner ID it also changes the app id. So both should be different.

    [quote:ugjg7xix]OverwatchCompanionBanner AppID: b0fcsdfsff-xxxx-dddddd-zzzzz-cdsdf607776 ID: 297764 (Banner PC/Tablet )

    OverwatchCompanionMobile AppID: ecasdf70-dddddd-eeeeee-sssssss-454sfdsd40efdc5 ID: 300249 (Banner Mobiltelefon)

  • Ashley All of that would be awesome!

    Right now the pubCenter plugin have only two properties:

    1. Application ID

    2. Ad unit ID

    But, when you are setting up your app on the Windows Store Dashboard you have 4 properties (2 for Desktop and 2 for Mobile).

    Where the "Application ID" is the same for ads of the same "Device family" but the "Ad unit ID" is unique for all of them.

    1. Mobile Banner

    2. Mobile Video interstitial

    3. PC/Tablet Banner

    4. PC/Tablet Video interstitial

    So, I believe that the next update of the plugin should consider these information and include those 4 properties.

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of C2 users would be benefited from this.

    More info:

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