Windows 10 problems: game not centered, slow fps

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  • Today I attempted to test my game on a Windows Phone (Lumia 550) and I ran into a couple of problems.

    I'm following the official tute for producing a Universal Windows 10 app.

    The first problem is, when I test my game, the menu screens are not centered (see image below). My game uses 'scale outer' and the menu screens have background layers that extend beyond the edges of the layout. This setup works great on Android and iOS but seems to screw up on Win Phone. I think whats happening is the top right of the device screen (in layout mode) seems to want to line up with the top right of the background image, which *should* extend beyond the edges of the screen.

    This is a screengrab from the Win Phone. All menu screens are off center.

    This is how the same layout looks in C2. The bg layer extends beyond the edges of the layout.

    I can force it to center in the device by doing the following: If I select 'landscape' AND 'landscape flipped' as 'supported rotations' in Visual Studio, what happens is on first load, the game is off center, but when I rotate it, the game becomes centered as it should be.

    This problem is totally repeatable and happens every time I test on my Win Phone device from VS.

    I tried changing from 'scale outer' to 'letterbox scale' in C2. That didnt help.

    I also tried the fix mentioned in this thread. But that didn't help (ie using: { width: 100%; } )

    The second problem is the in-game fps is terrible (~10fps) and touch input doesn't work in-game. But touch does work in all the menus, and the menus are quite snappy and fast.

    As I said I am testing on a Lumia 550. But I would have thought it should be strong enough to give a playable fps for my game? I can achieve 50+ fps on my iPhone5 for the same game when exporting with XDK.. So I think it must be something I am doing wrong.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Artpunk there was a post a couple days ago about someone having fps issues on a windows phone. Putting the phone to sleep and then coming back seemed to make a big difference...

    obviously, there is a major bug there that Microsoft needs to fix.

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  • AllanR Im not sure if its bugs, or if it's something Ive done wrong. I probably have settings wrong somewhere.

    I just tried exporting for WinPhone with Intel XDK. In that case, my game is nicely centered, and the fps is slightly better although not great (30fps), but the in-game touch controls do not work at all! (But touch still works in the menus...)

    But another upside: music works when exported with XDK. Thats another problem I didnt mention above, my music craps out when making my app with Visual Studio.

    Man, I thought iOS was temperamental. Seems like Windows 10 apps are the worst of the lot!!!! I didnt have this much trouble with iOS or Android, not even close.

    Im going to bed >:(

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