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  • 3k is too much in my point of view.. but I guess if u have a game u think going to be awesome, that worth then..

  • Edit: and in this post, NotionGames who's Ubi-land got him approved, mentions $3000 for the game dev kit.


    Heh, I find it kinda funny that I wrote this in that thread.

    But wouldn't it be neat if we could get a WiiU exporter for C2 eventually? Even though it's unlikely.


    Anyway, me and Hemul1 are probably going to skew our joint project towards WiiU now, as well as other personal projects.

    3k is a bit steep, but if you're releasing on a mainstream console you'll possibly be looking at a high number of sales. To break even for that 3k alone you need less than 350 sales if you price your game at 10?, assuming a 70/30 split. So in that sense, it's not a lot. It's a lot up front for any one indie, but in the long run, not so much. Especially considering you only have to buy it once.

  • That's a good point. Releasing on a main console is a good way to boost your portfolio. Having to meet Nintendo quality requirements, the 3k entry fee.

    Worst case situation if managing release.You don't make the return on investment, but can now then negotiate contract work with better proof.

  • 3k vs Apple's $99? That's a no brainer

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  • Nintendo and Apple aren't really comparable. Two wildly different markets. Not to forget that the 3k gives you a physical dev kit, access to Nintendo's SDK/API as well as access to full versions of other software, like Unity.

    Calling it a no brainer isn't really taking into consideration these differences.

  • Again I just hope its 3000 for every title you have versus 3000 a title. The latter would be hard. What you should do is have 3-5 titles that you just release to every platform. The more titles you have the better chance you have at making back your 3k

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