why have not sub-events else/elseif?

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  • Just asking out of curiosity, to be perfectly honest. *Shrug*

  • Hey

    why is my comment a spam o_O

  • A built in 'else' condition has been on the todo list for a while, it's just got a low priority because it's easy to work around (copy the event and invert it) and the implementation is actually quite tricky (it must use the exact opposite picked objects from the previous event).

    Hmm... I kind of liked it the way CC worked, where the else event simply ran if the event above it didn't run, and it didn't affect the picking. With that, I could do things like check if no objects met the criteria of the event above it easily, and modify the picking of the else manually with conditions rather than have it be automatic.

  • Arima - on the other hand, it confused a lot of people because if you did:

    + Sprite X < 400

    -> Do something with Sprite

    + Else

    -> Do something else with Sprite

    ...they naturally expected the 'else' to only affect objects on the right, and I agree, that's how I think it should work too. However it turned out to be too complicated to get it working like that in Classic. It should be doable in C2 though.

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  • Ashley

    That makes sense, but there's one situation in particular that gets kind of clunky without it, checking if no objects have a variable equaling something. I could do a for each and add 1 to a variable if true, and then check the variable... it just seems clunky in comparison, though.

    Maybe it could have 'invert picking' or 'don't invert picking' as a parameter like the function object has in CC?

  • ^This

    Inverted on collision, or is overlapping, just seems iffy, especially given how negated worked in CC.

  • Ashley - Not to mention, would it invert all instances of all types picked? That seems potentially very confusing and difficult to control. Personally, I wouldn't want it to work that way at all.

    Maybe another possibility is a 'invert picked instances' condition, and then a pick an object to invert, like the pick all condition? It seems like this would allow more control, as it could be done on a per object basis, and would be simpler to understand.

  • example of the curve decision without "else" operator.

    <img src="http://grovel.ru/images/bug.png" border="0" />

    must be

    <img src="http://grovel.ru/images/bug2.png" border="0" />

    or may be have reason made "break" operator.

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