Weird Pathfinder Issue?

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  • Im having some trouble with the pathfinder behaviour... I cant quite determine if the issue is the way Ive set everything up or if the issue is with the pathfinder behaviour itself. I've gone through all potential scenarios, but I cant seem to consistently replicate a certain behaviour:

    • I have 2 items on the screen. Player can walk between the 2 items & can touch the items to effectively "Pick them Up" (a message will display)

    The issue I have is when i try to click on one item, then close the message window, then try and click somewhere else, usually that click does not register, and I have to click *again* for the actual movement to take place.

    You can check a link to the CAPX here:

    To reproduce my issue - click on the green square (Book) once the message pops up, click it to close it, then click on the grey square (Statue). It SHOULD start moving towards that Square, but it doesnt... it does register the mouse press though, as you can see by my debug thing at the bottom (X & Y Coord).

    Any idea what might be causing this? Any help anyone can provide is hugely hugely appreciated.

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  • Just want to apologize - i was searching the forums and found this post, which actually seemed to be exactly what my issue was - I changed my CAPX so that the function just finds the path, then had a general event in my main event sheet that performs the actual move "on Path Found"

    I figured something was up because once I cleared away the 'complications' from my path it was working fine, so it was only bugging out when there was path that was more than just a simple straight line. Once i took the advice form the posters on that other post (THANKS!) It all works smoothly. ;) Thanks again.

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