Which web host does MIME type and offline storage of C2 apps

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  • Hello,

    I just ended a chat with my web host (I have a business package with a US hosting firm) and they didn't know what I was talking about, insisting that if my game doesn't produce sound in IE then there is a problem with my "code".

    I've made them aware of the issue and how often it is discussed here to which the tech responded with "stuff he found on google".

    I am itching to move to bluehost or back to hostgator but I'd like to know if anyone can suggest a good host that lets me run my C2 created apps without hassles.

    Thanks, - V

    P.S. If this can be fixed with an entry in the .htaccess file then please tell me how?

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  • Is anyone with bluehost?

    I just finished talking to them and they gave me a link with instructions on how to set up MIME Types so it looks as if it was possible.

    Since they are quite big, there should be a few people here who host with them.

    It would help me a lot of know that I will be ok before I make the decision to move host which is a lot of work. - Thanks

  • OK, my webhost has .m4a MIME Type set already but still, no sound in Safari (on Mac) and IE (W8.1 / W7)

    What else could it be?

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