video in Node-Webkit

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  • Node Webkit is based on Chrome, so naturally you'd have to convert your media files to OGG since that's what Chrome supports.

  • I've not used the "video" plugin, but I've embedded videos by using the HTML_Div_Pode plugin and then just adding a <video> tag in the innerHTML, referencing a video file in the project. Works great for me, whether exported to web or Node-Webkit.

    I also use HTML_Div_Pode Plugin and adding a specific file video in the innerHTML it's work great when export in HTML5 but it's doesn't work in Node-Webkit.

    could you tell me some trick to lunch video file through Node-Webkit

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  • mcnolia44


    <video width='"&WindowWidth/2&"' height='"&WindowHeight/2&"' controls preload='meta'>

         <source src='1A.webm' type='video/webm' />

         <source src='1A.ogv' type='video/ogg' />

         Video cannot be displayed. Try updating your browser.



    Theres my code that is in my pode_div. Also you need to use webM or ogg video format for it too play. Dont forget to include the files in your project folder. Hope it helps :)

    While i'm on the topic, im struggling to get the fullscreen and video scrolling controls to work. Last time I had this problem putting it in an iframe worked. This doesn't seem to fix the problem in node webkit.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

  • Thanks for all of your input. Eventually, I found a way to solve that issue. Just a few steps.

    1. Input your video(mp4) to 'Files'

    2. Setup your video in the 'Video' plugin

    3. Export with Node-webkit... Probably, it doesn't work

    4. Then, it's the tricky thing... replace the 'ffmpegsumo.dll'. It comes with the latest Chrome.

    Wow !!! Kentkan This is AWESOME !!!

    Thank you <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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